Tips on how to pick a good florist in Singapore

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Flowers play a vital role in most marriages, whether for the bride or groom. The flowers are generally used to decorate both the house of the bride/groom as well as at the wedding venue itself. A good florist is careful about understanding individual customers’ needs and preferences so that they can recommend appropriate flowers. A good florist also possesses the technical and creative skills to transform a customer’s vision of their flowers into reality.


Customer service is important for both parties. Here is a list of some points on how to pick a good florist in Singapore:


1) Consider what you need from your florists:

If you want reliable on-time delivery, a florist offering same-day delivery is good for you. Additionally, if you have a large order and want to be able to pick it up from the florist directly, it may be beneficial to choose a local florist in your area. If you are looking for flowers with an Asian touch or would like your own personal touch to be added, go for a florist providing customized services.


2) Get recommendations from friends and family:

A good way to find the best florists in your area is through word of mouth. Ask friends or family who they would recommend as it will give you an idea of which florist is the best and which you should avoid.


3) Check the florist’s website:

It is important to check out a florist’s website before making contact with them, as it will provide you with information on what they can offer and their rates. Also, check if they have milestones for delivery, such as when your order will be ready and when it will be delivered. You can also check out their social media pages, such as Facebook or Instagram, for samples of previous work, promotions, and upcoming ideas/projects that the florists would like to share with customers.


4) Request a quote:

A florist should provide you with a free quotation on your request. The cost of your project will depend on a number of factors, such as the flowers selected, choice of packaging, and accessories. You can compare quotes from different florists before making a decision.

5) Meet with the florist:

After receiving a quote from a few florists in your area, contact them to request an appointment to meet with them. It is important that you are comfortable with the florist’s attitude and professionalism, as well as their ability to understand your needs.


6) Check out the flowers:

When you meet with a florist, check if they have any samples of previous projects they have done. They should be able to give you their unique perspective on what flowers would best suit your needs.


7) Review the contract:

Before finalizing the contract, read through it carefully and ensure that all of your requirements are covered in detail. You can also request a trial/mock-up of the project before signing off on it.

Last but not least, it is also important to look at the florist’s reviews and feedback in order to gauge if they are professional in their work.


A good florist will be able to create a professional and creative end product that delivers a lasting impression. With these tips, you should be able to find the best florist for your special occasion!