Steps on How to Buy A New Condo Launch in Singapore

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Because multiple condos are being launched in different parts of Singapore, people often get confused on where to look for or what to consider when looking and probably buying a new condo launch. Well, we understand that you require a condo with the right specs for you and your family located in your most convenient region and also fits your budget. So, to make your buying process easier, here are steps to follow when looking for a new condo launch to buy.

Set up a budget

The first step is to have a budget in mind. Putting your finances in order earlier on is crucial since it will help you find the right size, the right location, and other features of the condo you need within that budget. If you want to buy a condo through your finances, make sure to save enough based on the type of home you need. If you want a bank loan to acquire the apartment, make sure to get a loan that you are confident and comfortable paying to avoid future charges that are unnecessary.

Window shop

Once you have put your finance source in order, the next step is to shop for the condo. It is recommendable that you take enough time when looking around for new condo launches to make sure you find a good home within your budget and get enough time to compare the prices at the market. Also, if you want extra help, especially when negotiating and finding great condos on that budget, consider involving a real estate agent to help you. Working with a professional real estate agent will help you save time and probably acquire a cheaper condo than you had budgeted.

Visit the show flats

This is quite common in Singapore before condos are launched in the market. The buyers are usually given time to visit the developer’s flat shows, probably between 2 to 3 weeks. We recommend you visit these shows due to the high opportunities you have to acquire a condo at a cheaper rate. Remember, these condos are not launched yet, so the rates are not decided or put up. Hence, if you can negotiate well with a developer, they can sell it at a reasonable price, let’s say “an early bird price.” Still, this allows you to book the flat or house number you will buy once they are put up on the market.

Book your flat

To emphasize this step, there are many ways that you can use to book your flat. For example, you can pay the whole amount up front or pay a part of the money, and once the houses are launched, you can clear the balance.


You can easily acquire a below / within the budget condo in Singapore even before they are launched in the market. Make sure to follow the above steps to guide you in finding the right condo to buy, where to buy, and even negotiate through to get reasonable price rates before they are put up in the market.